Still the No. 1 best kept anti-ageing secret

Harley Street W1 Botox Experts: Helping You Look the Best you Can

Frown lines



Patient trying to frown before and after Botox® treatment.

There are many positives to be gained in getting older; wrinkles are not one of them.  If deep age lines are spoiling the way you look and feel about yourself then help is at hand on Harley Street Botox clinic. When administered by a professional, botox can smooth away both deep and fine lines and wrinkles to give a fresher, more youthful look that you’ll want everyone to see. 

What is Botox? Harley Street Hadleigh Clinic Explains   

It is a word that is used more and more commonly but what is Botox W1? Experts Hadleigh Clinic explain that Botox is a purified, safe form of botulinum toxin, a naturally occurring protein, which when injected into the correct area blocks the nerve impulses that contract facial muscles that in turn cause wrinkles. 

It’s becoming a widely popular anti-aging treatment that when carried out by an experienced, qualified practitioner is safe and has predictable results.  Botox is a  brand name for botulinum toxin and thousands of men and women who’ve had Botox treatments are back to normal activities straight after the procedure and delighted by their vitalised, clearer looking complexion.

Forehead lines



Forehead Lines softened after Botox® treatment Harley Street

Crows feet



Patient smiling before and after Botox® treatment


Want to Hold Back the Aging Process with Botox? Harley Street Experts can Help


Botox W1 experts Hadleigh Clinic offer treatments include lifting the brow by softening forehead lines, the smoothing of ‘crow’s feet’ around the eyes and elimination of unsightly frown lines.  Within days of the treatment, lines and wrinkles visibly fade to reveal smoother, younger looking skin courtesy of the medical specialists at the Hadleigh Clinic in Harley Street W1.  Botox was once the secret of the rich and famous but now with affordable treatments thousands of people, just like you, are feeling more confident and ready to face the world.

If you’re considering Botox Harley Street professionals Hadleigh Clinic are just a call away. To book your initial free, no-obligation consultation, call now on 08456 447711.